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Czech Republic Tightens Regulations on Housing and Health Insurance for Ukrainian Refugees

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Czech Government Implements Fresh Restrictions for Ukrainian Refugee Assistance

The Czech Republic has recently put new regulations into effect regarding the housing and health insurance of Ukrainian refugees. These changes stem from the "Lex Ukraina V" law that Czech President Milos Zeman signed into law earlier this year. The updated statute is aimed at regulating and addressing the influx of Ukrainian refugees into the country.

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Under the new laws, Ukrainian refugees can now stay in free accommodation for up to 150 days from the date they receive temporary protection. After this period, they will have an additional 90-day grace period to find alternative accommodation before their right to free housing is revoked. This updated policy aims to ensure that refugees have enough time to find stable long-term housing solutions, while also discouraging refugees from relying on free housing for longer periods than necessary.

Additionally, starting from 150 days of stay, the Czech government will no longer automatically provide health insurance for Ukrainians aged 18 to 64, unless they have a serious health condition that prevents them from working. This policy update is designed to encourage refugees to take responsibility for their own health and well-being, prioritize regular medical checkups, and access health insurance through local providers if they intend to stay in the Czech Republic for an extended period.

The Ministry of Labor in the Czech Republic has also announced a reduction in financial aid for Ukrainian refugees, with income taken into account when calculating aid. This move is aimed at encouraging refugees to become self-sufficient as quickly as possible, while also ensuring that they receive essential financial aid if needed.

Overall, the new regulations aim to balance the need to provide protection and care for refugees, while also encouraging them to take responsibility for their own well-being and independence. The Czech Republic hopes that these measures will prevent abuse of the refugee system, provide a safe haven for those in need, and ultimately strengthen the country's social and economic systems.


Note from editor:

Our hearts go out to the resilient and courageous people of Ukraine who have bravely faced the devastating effects of conflict initiated by Russia. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian community as they continue to persevere and overcome the challenges brought on by this senseless war. In times of despair and tragedy, it is important to come together and lift each other up. Let us hold hope in our hearts and work towards a peaceful and prosperous Ukraine for all. As we pray for an end to this bloodshed, may we also strive to cultivate a future of harmony and cooperation. Let us remember the Ukrainian people in our thoughts and actions, and put forth our best efforts to support them in their journey towards a brighter tomorrow. Together, we can make a difference. Amen.


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