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Czechia's Unusual Start of August: From Chilly Rain to Promising Sunshine

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

In Czechia, August typically ushers in warm and sunny days, but this year, it took an unexpected turn. The beginning of August 2023 witnessed one of the coldest and rainiest starts in decades, reminiscent of the weather experienced back in 1991. As residents reached for their umbrellas and jackets, meteorologists reported a remarkable drop in temperatures and a surge in rainfall.

Prague city with its famous red roofs, capital of the Czech Republic
Prague city

Photo: Prague, Czech Republic

According to the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (ČHMÚ), the average temperature during the first 10 days of August was a mere 14.9 degrees Celsius. This marked a significant deviation from the historical norm, with a startling 4.3 degrees Celsius colder than the average from 1991 to 2022. While only 2005 had a colder start (14.7 degrees Celsius), the warmest August kick-off was recorded in 2015 at 23.9 degrees Celsius, as highlighted by the ČHMÚ on social media, Facebook.

Rainfall during this period proved equally exceptional, reaching 255 percent of the long-term average. A staggering 72.0 mm of precipitation graced the land between August 1 and 10, with only 2006 surpassing this record with 85.6 mm. In contrast, the driest year was 2003, seeing a mere 1.8 mm of rainfall on average. Intriguingly, the distribution of rainfall wasn't uniform across the country. Mountain stations such as Slaměnka, Blatný vrch, and Labská bouda topped the charts, while Prague and Central Bohemia saw significantly less precipitation.

The weather outlook, however, appears optimistic. Meteorologists predict a shift towards warmer days, thanks to an approaching ridge of higher air pressure. As temperatures climb back to the 30s, the chilling spell is expected to loosen its grip. Today's forecast indicates highs between 23 to 29 degrees Celsius, while the upcoming weekend is poised to surpass 30 degrees Celsius. Warm air is anticipated to dominate, painting a sunny landscape across most of the Czech Republic. Yet, some pockets, primarily in northwest Bohemia, might experience sporadic showers or thunderstorms during Saturday and Sunday.

Despite the unforeseen start, Czechia's August is determined to make a comeback, proving that even amidst unusual weather, the promise of summer remains steadfast.

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