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Experience the Baroque Wonders of Prague's Clementinum with a New Tourist Route

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Prague's Clementinum, one of the country's most important cultural landmarks, is set to launch a new tourist route in collaboration with the National Library of the Czech Republic. Starting from April 1, the Baroque Tour will take visitors on an exclusive guided tour through the building's unique architecture, including its grand Baroque library and Astronomical Tower.

A night view of Charles Bridge Prague city
A beautiful night view of Charles Bridge Prague city

Managed by Prague City Tourism, the addition of the Clementinum route will bring the total number of tourist monuments under their care to nine. The operators anticipate over 50,000 visitors to visit the Clementinum throughout the year.

Martin Baxa, Minister of Culture, expressed his excitement about this new addition, stating, "The Baroque Library tour will surely be among the highlights of a visit to the Clementinum for both visitors and inhabitants of the city."

Meanwhile, Tomáš Foltýn, General Director of the National Library of the CR, emphasized the importance of the Clementinum as a living space promoting education and the intellectual growth of European society.

The guided tour takes approximately 50 minutes, with tours starting every 30 to 60 minutes. Early-bird discounts will also be available, as well as the inclusion of the Clementinum tourist route in the Prague Visitor Pass offer.

Experience the wonders of Baroque architecture and literature with a unique tour of Prague's Clementinum, a landmark that continues to promote the evolution of cultural and intellectual life in Europe.


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