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Prague is not cheap!

But is it worth it?

A beautiful view of Prague city and vltava river with stunning bridges
Prague is not cheap

When planning a European getaway, Prague often lands on the list for its rich history and enchanting charm. But here's the catch: Prague is not as cheap as many travelers assume. While it offers incredible value compared to Western European destinations, prices have been rising steadily.

Prague, with its cobblestone streets and stunning architecture, beckons tourists from across the globe. However, beneath its fairytale facade, the city is shedding its reputation as an ultra-budget destination. Accommodations, dining, and attractions have seen price hikes in recent years. It's still affordable, but savvy travelers should prepare for a city that's evolving economically.

Let's do some myth-busting:

✅ Yes, you can find affordable accommodation

✅ Yes, public transport is cheap and efficient

✅ Yes, beer is cheaper than water! (This is what honest guide is feeding to tourists!) But, in the reality water is cheaper than beer!

But food, coffee, and tours can easily break the bank.

So, is Prague worth it?

Yes, if you value:

🌆 Old town charm

🎭 Rich arts and cultural scene

🥃 World-renowned beer

📸 Instagrammable photo ops

And no, if you’re looking for a budget destination.

But hey, sometimes it pays to splurge for a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our ultimate advice:

Before you set off on your Prague adventure, do your research, budget wisely, and be prepared to savor every moment of this captivating city, even if it's not as cheap as you once believed.

What cities do you think are worth the price tag?


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