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News: Prague Limits Fireworks On New Year’s Eve (31.12.2020)

This year, Prague city has banned fireworks on new year's eve in parks and protected areas, including islands, dams, near to Prague Zoo, and also areas close to residential zones for seniors.

Last year, if you were anywhere in Prague with a good view of the city on New Year’s Eve, you could have seen fireworks going off all around the city as the clock rang in 2020 and for a few hours before and after, too. But use of unregulated fireworks can result in injury to users and pedestrians, damage to the environment, and stress or even death to the local wildlife, such as birds and pets. To prevent, this year city of prague has issued new restrictions. “Every year we treat hundreds of injured animals and now we want to prevent this,” said Ing. Petr Hlubuček, Deputy Mayor of Prague.

To fight against covid-19: Please stay safe, wear your mask and maintain social distancing and avoid crowd.

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