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Praguian "TRAVEL BEAUTY OF THE MONTH" award for March 2020

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

Happy mother’s day and congratulations to Mrs. Mariola Paradowska from Poland for winning the title of Praguian “TRAVEL BEAUTY OF THE MONTH” for March 2020.

Praguian's competition for Travel Beauty of the Month
Announcement of Praguian's competition for Travel Beauty of the Month

@PRAGUIAN is a professional photography and videography media platform for creating high quality photos and videos about the beauty of Prague and its people, visitors, local businesses and everything related to cultural and social events happening at this lovely, historic and peaceful city. We devote our many years of photography and digital media skills and passion for introducing the beauty of Prague city to the local and global communities through supporting photography and videography projects related to tourism, hospitality, fashion, beauty, music, entertainment, peace, social solidarity, and of course green technologies. As part of our mission, we offer a variety of customized and unique city tours at VIP level for local and international tourists.

In addition, time to time we organize our own unique and creative workshops offering:

A) Advanced photography posing techniques for models and non-models,

B) Travel photography,

C) Fashion photography,

D) Landscape photography, and

E) Social and digital media marketing management.

Since last year, we’ve decided to appreciate our local and international tourists who are not only in love with the beauty of Prague and have great passion for visiting this magical city but also are interested in travel and fashion photography. For March 2020, we’ve selected Mrs. Mariola Paradowska from Poland as the winner of the title of the Praguian “TRAVEL BEAUTY OF THE MONTH”. Mrs. Paradowska is a Polish mother, nurse and model who has a great passion for Prague city, fashion, modeling, family, organic foods, nutrition science, traveling and human being. She is a hardworking nurse who is taking care of patients in the United Kingdom and Poland. We congratulate Mrs. Paradowska for winning this title and wish her all the best. This award appears as a @praguian’s monthly coverage for March 2020. In addition, @praguian is glad to provide Mrs. Paradowska a 100 discount for purchasing any of our city tour, photo shooting, and or digital media marketing consulting services.

Note: Feel free to contact us, if you're planning to visit Prague city and to have a series of unforgettable and beautiful photos and videos (for your personal trip, love story, engagement, wedding, blog, commercial, business, fashion, beauty projects and or want to learn advanced tips and techniques about fashion photography posing techniques) at the most beautiful parts of the city. You can also simply book your favorite photo session online through our page "Book online".

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We support global peace, human rights, animal rights, solidarity, diversity and green earth. For this reason, we offer up to 40% discount to teachers, students, health care officers, minorities, LGB community, peace, human rights, animal rights, green earth activists.

Stay tuned with our next amazing news and announcements.

@PRAGUIAN Media is owned by Banomat Consulting s.r.o. company in Prague city.


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