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Welcome to our "Client Testimonial" page, where authenticity meets trust and professionalism. Hear from our delighted customers, both tourists and locals, who have experienced the magic of our photo tours in Prague city. Discover their firsthand accounts of the unforgettable moments, exceptional service, and expert guidance they received. Let their testimonials reassure you that you're in good hands when you choose our services. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients and embark on a journey that will exceed your expectations. Make sure to visit our "blog" page to get valuable information you need to know. Book your photo tour with us today and be ready to create your own unforgettable memories of Prague.

Praguian's lovely Newly married Couple from Hong Kong are kissing each other under our rainbow umbrella at Old Town Square in Prague City

“We always wanted to celebrate our marriage and shoot our wedding photos in the romantic and fairy tale Prague city. It was a pleasure to meet you and thanks for nice photos at old town square. 

Very beautiful composition.”

— Colin and Kathy, Hong Kong

“If you like romantic city, you'd visit Prague. You'll immediately love this place. It was a lovely and full of romantic places and "cidade linda" in winter. You made amazing and beautiful photos & videos for us and can't forget our lovely time on Charles Bridge. You're gorgeous photographer. We'll sure let our friends and relatives know about your amazing media, photo and video tour in Prague and sure encourage them to visit Prague.”

— Linda and Anton, from Bali

Praguian's lovely Young Lovers celebrate their First Date on Charles Bridge in Prague City

“Thank you very much, the photo shoot was amazing, we definitely recommend it! 👌❤️🔥”

— Lukas and Klaudie, Czech Republic

Praguian's lovely Couple from Canada enjoy kissing each other in Prague City

“I wanted to first thank you for today. Greg and I were having a pretty boring day with nothing really set out to do; Then we ran into you and our whole day got better. Thank you for stopping and taking the time to photograph us. It truly made our day in Prague extremely special. On the other hand, I am very glad that we have your contact information, so our next trip to Prague we can do the three hour long tour with you. We looked further into your website and cannot wait to come back and experience it again. We are so excited to see your amazing photos. I will tag you in all my posts on social media. Thank you again for making our trip today so magical.”

— Katherine and Greg, from Canada

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